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Therapy Via Online Video

I offer virtual therapy sessions through an online video conferencing service called VSee. This service is confidential, secure, and HIPPA compliant. Online video therapy is growing in popularity and enjoys numerous benefits: 

1. It is much more convenient to be able to have your session in your home, office or hotel than having to take the time to commute to your therapist office and find parking or manage public transportation.

2. It is very private. You don't have to worry about being seen entering or exiting the therapists office or running into someone you know. 

3. It is possible to meet with your therapist without having to explain where you are going or having to take time off work. 

4. It makes therapy accessible for individuals who live in rural areas or far from their therapist office.

5. If the therapist moves, a client may maintain the therapeutic relationship instead of having to switch therapist.

6. Timing of the sessions can often be more flexible than a traditional office visit. 

Since virtual therapy is relatively new, the laws governing it change frequently and vary from state to state. At this time I only see clients who are residents in Colorado, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC, where I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. 

For more information about virtual therapy, or to open a free account, click on: VSee

You will need at least 250kbps (kilo byte per second) to support a video call. Test your Internet Speed now.

Online video therapy is also referred to as: tele-therapy, virtual therapy, e-therapy, and digital therapy.